About Us

In 1977, the Nigerian Mining and geosciences Society (NMGS) succeeded the Nigerian Mining Geological and Metallurgical Society (NMGMS) which was founded on 15th January, 1961 and officially inaugurated on 17th December, 1962. The society is an international, non-governmental and non- profit making professional organization.

Its Objectives include:

  • Advancement and practice of Mining, Earth sciences and Metallurgy.
  • Acquisition, preservation and dissemination of mining geoscientific and metallurgical knowledge.
  • Publication of an interdisciplinary learned journal of Mining and Geology (JMG), the CRUST, periodicals and specialized books including annual books of abstracts and programmes of the society’s conferences and activities.
  • Upholding the ethics and safeguarding the interests of the interests of the professions covered by the society.

The society also has statutory representation in the council of the Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscientists (COMEG) established by the Federal republic of Nigeria Decree No. 40 of 1990. The categories of membership are Fellow, Corporate, Graduate, Students, Affiliate, Institutional and Honorary fellow. The current membership strength of over 5000 includes Nigerian and foreign professionals and practitioners working or who have worked within the country.

In order to adequately cater for the interests of the various disciplines represented in the society and its widely dispersed membership, the society recognizes local chapters and specialist groups whose activities are directed at strengthening the NMGS in achieving its objectives.
Each chapter comprises members of NMGS of all disciplines residing and practicing within a defined geographic area while the specialist group consists of NMGS members of the same discipline who meet to advance and promote knowledge within such a discipline.
MiningĀ  and Geoscientific activities of the chapter are enhanced by the presence of a good number of universities and polytechnics that offer academic programmes in mining engineering and geosciences concerns in the area.

The affairs and operations of the NMGS are managed by its Council; consisting of Executive Officers’ Ordinary Members, Fellow Representatives, Affiliate Representatives and Institutional Representatives.
The administrative structure of the Society is located in the NMGS Secretariat, Zawan, P.O. Box 6192, Jos, with the telephone number 073-281348. However, the Society is currently engaged in developing its landed property in Abuja, the Capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as to further enhance its operational system and influence.

To sensitize and create the much needed awareness among members, States, Country and the International Community on the need to fully harness and develop the abundant mineral and energy resources in Nigeria in a sustainable manner for national development.

To affirm the rights of Geoscientists and Mining Engineers in Nigeria and pledge to abide by International Geoscientific and Mining best practice and standards without discrimination on the basis of citizenship, religious persuasion, creed, political affiliation, ethnic origin, race, colour, language, age or sex.