Local Chapters

The constitution of the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS) encourages creation of Local Chapters through which various activities (Membership drives, collection of dues and levies, etc) are organized.  In fact, NMGS exists, and is most easily identified through its Local Chapters.  The Bye laws of all the Chapters recognize the supremacy of the NMGS Constitution.  The first Local Chapter was inaugurated in Jos in 1978.  Others followed much later, and there are now NMGS Chapters in Abuja, Ajaokuta/Itakpe, Bauchi/Gombe, Benin, Calabar, Enugu, Ibadan, Ilorin, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos, Lokoja, Maiduguri, Minna, Nassarawa, Nsukka, Owerri,Port Harcourt,Uyo, Warri, and Sokoto

The first informal meeting of the Bauchi – Gombe Chapter took place in January, 1990 with 26  members . The Chapter had its first election in February 1990 and the inaugural meeting of the elected officials was held on 1st March, 1990 with Alh. Gambo Magaji, now a retired mining Engineer as Chairman and then Mr. E. M. Shemang, now a Professor in the Department of Geology, University of Bostwana as Secretary.

The next Executive officials of this Chapter came in the year 1994 with Dr. S.S.A Dada now Professor and current NMGS President as Chairman and Mal. Umar Bashir as Secretary.In conjunction with the local Chapter of the Nigerian Association of Hydro geologists (NAH)  a workshop was organized in 1996 on the theme: “Groundwater Potentials, Utilization and Challenges in the North East Nigeria” 

The current Executive came into office in 2001 with  Mal. M.B. Abubakar , now a Professor in the Department of Applied Geology ATBU Bauchi and Director National Center for Petroleum Research and Development (NCPRD) ATBU as Chairman and Mal. A.V. Yusuf as Secretary .The chapter has played a vital role in :

  1. Membership drive from 34 members in 1996 to 40 in 2009, 60 in 2015 and now about 80 registered members,
  2. Organizing the first Public Lecture in 2003, where three eminent scholars presented papers on (1) Petroleum Exploration in the North East by Prof. E.F.C. Dike (2) Mineral Resources of North East Nigeria by Prof. S.S. Dada, (3) The Role of Geologist in the Construction Industry by Mr. I.K Nnosike. The Deputy Governor of Bauchi State Alh. Abdulmalik Mahmoud graced the occasion as Guest of Honour while Prof. A.S. Sambo former Vice-Chancellor of ATBU Bauchi was Chairman of the occasion and the former Rector Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Surveyor S.I. Jahun was the host.
  3. The inauguration of the ATBU student Chapter by the then NMGS President Prof. T.A. Badejoko in 2005 and till date the Chapter has been very active.
  4. Conjunction with the State Television (BATV) in  jointly organizing and executing a documentary program on Environmental Hazards within Bauchi Metropolis and Environs. The aim was to enlighten the public on the impacts of Environmental Degradation. Six episodes were aired in 2008.
  5. Active participation in about 4 series of TV chat show in Hausa “Da Bazarku Ake Rawa” on Geology and Mining issues regarding Petroleum and Solid Mineral Exploration and the Environment. Also the aim was to sensitize and enlighten the public on the Petroleum and Solid Mineral potentials of North East.
  6. An organizational member of the Chapter, the Department of Applied Geology Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) Bauchi won the NMGS award of being “The Best and Most Dynamic Geology Department” in the furthering and Training of Geosciences in Nigeria at the “ABUJA 2008” Conference.
  7. The establishment of the National Center for Petroleum Research and Development (NCPRD) under the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) in ATBU Bauchi in 2008 and one of our noble and elder member Prof. E.F.C. Dike was made the pioneer Director of the centre.

A Benin chapter was launched soon after Port Harcourt conference in 1986.  The primary objective was to set the stage for the 1987 annual conference which took place in Benin City.

The Chapter had a set-back in 1988 when its Secretary travelled overseas for a protracted visit.  In an attempt to reactivate this chapter lecture by Prof. O.S. Adegoke on “The geologist and small-scale industries” was held in 1990 in which members of the nearby Warri Chapter participated.

The small Calabar chapter is run mainly by staff of the geology department of Unical.  Recently, the chapter, after several years of inaction, took off once again under the chairmanship of E.E. Ukpong.  In 1989, Dr. Ekwere, Dr. Esu and Mr. Ukpong, all members of the Chapter, were appointed into the Akwa Ibom State Limestone Deposit Task Force.  Moves are on to increase the institutional membership of the Chapter at  the State level.

The Enugu Chapter is based mainly at the Nsukka campus of the university of Nigeria.  Its fortunate’s have fluctuated over the years, in spite of the historical link between NMGS and Nsukka.  In 1989, Council urged members resident at Nsukka and Enugu to take steps to reactivate the chapter so as to make optimum use of such institutional organizations as the University Campuses at Enugu and Nsukka, PRODA, Coal Corporation, Geological Survey Department, IMT and ASUTECH. That reactivation process started on August 8, 1990 with the appointment of a protem Chair man and Secretary.  The chapter will comprise of members in Enugu, Abakaliki, Nsukka, Onitsha and Akwa.

The Ibadan Chapter was inaugurated in 1986 with Dr. Agagu as Chairman, and Ms. Tosin Macaulay as Secretary. This was at a time when such towns as Warri, Calabar, Lagos and Port Harcourt- towns which, though they had successfully hosted annual conferences, quickly reverted to a state of dormancy. By the following year, the Chapter had already carried out a major responsibility.  It produced the draft document on the teaching of geology in Secondary Schools.

In June 1989, the Chapter’s meeting featured the presentation of  a paper on talc investigation in the Ilesha area.  The crowning achievement was a Tar Sands Workshop organized at Ago Iwoye in Ma 1990.  This deposits in Nigeria.  The theme of the workshop to address the management of tar sand deposits in Nigeria.  The theme of the workshop was “Occurrence, utilization, and economics of tar sands in Nigeria.

Itakpe may form the nucleus of activities of this Chapter which took off in late 1988 under the chairmanship of Engr. P. U. Umunnakwe.  The by-laws were produced in 1990.

The Jos Chapter of the NMGS came into existence in 1978 with Dr. M.E. Offodile (FNMGS) and Dr. U. M. Turaki as President and General Secretary respectively; Council welcomed the creation of the chapter and donated a token sum of N100.00 towards its take-off.  This gesture was very much appreciated and Dr. Offodile fervently, through council, encouraged creation of similar chapters around the country.

The efforts of the chapter brought NMGS into sharper public focus in Jos and its environs.  Although Jos is an established mining community, it was surprising that the Society was not that well known, even among practicing mining engineers and earth scientists, The situation remarkably changed over the years due to efforts of various Jos Chapter activities which included vigorous membership drives, public lectures on various aspects of the professions, radio and television interviews, etc.  The 1979 Annual General Meeting of the Society in Jos assisted in further publishing NMGS in the area.

The chapter consolidated itself in subsequent years, thus drawing attention of Council.  In 1980, council stipulated, as enunciated in the MNGS Constitution, that working principles and Bye Laws of Local Chapter should be within the Society’s framework.

The first Newsletter by a Local Chapter was started by Jos Chapter in 1983and was highly commended by Council.  It was also noted that, in addition to its other activities, the Chapter was organizing functions (lectures, film shows, etc) to coincide with dates of Council meetings whenever such were held in Jos.

These may have formed the basis for the 1983 Mobil suggestion that Local Chapter elsewhere be encouraged to organize regular bimonthly or quarterly technical meetings or show scientific films of interest geoscientists

Another notable achieved of the Jos Chapter included the promulgation of the first NMGS Local Chapter By-Laws in 1988.  The event was marked by Mr. Awoniyi’s lecture on “Privatisation and Commercialisation in the Mining Industry”.  These By-Laws are quite comprehensive, complete with guidelines for the operation of a Local Benevolent Fund.  The need for such a fund was brought home by the sudden death of Dr. M. T. Hossain, and active and foundation Chapter member.  The Local Chapter also had a committee on Natural Hazards long before the National Committee, or that subsequently set up by the Society.

A permanent feature of Jos Chapter since its creation is the annual end-of-year activity held late every December.  This usually involves the delivery of a lecture over dinner with members’ families and dignitaries in attendance.  The regularly and quality of the event soon attracted the attention of Council and Institutional members.  In particular, Mobil and Elf funded the 1988 occasion with donations of N3,000 and N1,000 respectively. Mobil was even represented by Mr. Sawyer, its Exploration Manager and the Society’s DLP Chairman, who attended with his family. Dr. K. M. Onuoha, the Society’s Editor-in-Chief, was the Guest Lecture; His lecture was on “Geophysical Techniques for Monitoring the Spread and Dispersal of Contaminants (Toxic Materials in the subsurface)”.  The lecture was on very relevant in view of the Koko Toxic Waste experience then very current in the country.  The 1989 activity was also marked with a lecture on “Mining Laws and how to minimize Illegal Mining” delivered by Alhaji M. Kalumbu, a private miner.

The successful and enviable leading role of Jos Chapter is as a result of the dedication of its officers and, more importantly, the members . Besides Dr. Offodile, the other Jos Chapter presidents have included Dr. A. E. Ogezi, Dr. U. M. Turaki, and Dr. O. Ogunbanjo.  The current president is Dr. Aderonpe, Director of the National Metallurgical Development Centre in Jos.


Kano Chapter which comprised members from Kano and Jigawa States respectively was established in 1988 with about 20 registered members drawn from individual and institutions with headquarters in Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) Kano office situated at No 2 Zaria Road Kano.

At the beginning of the Lagos conference in March 1988, the Kano chapter was less than one week old.  It had launched a fund-raising campaign, and N6,000 was later donated to Council of the NMGS. The chapter was represented for the first time in Council on January 21, 1989.

With 20 registered members from the Kano area, the Chapter plans to also incorporate members from Sokoto and other neighboring towns. The chapter holds monthly meetings and has also produced its own bye-laws.

The first ever meeting of Council of the NMGS to be held in the ancient city if Kano took place in August 18, 1990 within the premises of the Federal Secretariat. The Kano Chapter laid down facilities and arrangements that simulated an Annual conference.There was a large banner, printed folders and news coverage.  The president held press conference with representatives of Kano Broadcasting Corporation.  Council was delighted to hear that the Military Governor of Kano State had given the Chapter a donation of N20,000.00.

Kano Chapter has been involved in organizing workshops to extractive industries in Kano and Jigawa States.In addition the Chapter has been organizing sensitization and orientation to students of some selected secondary schools in Kano and Jigawa States and encourage students particularly IJMB students in Kano State College of Arts and Sciences and Remedial study to apply and study Geology in the University

The Chapter is active and has participated in most of the Council meetings and Conferences organized by the NMGS. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the NMGS at “ABUJA 2017” granted the Chapter the privilege to host the 2018 Conference  tagged” Kano 2018” with Theme: Harnessing Nigeria’s Mineral and Energy Resources For Economic Development and Sustainability”.

The current Executives came into office in June 2017 with  Mal. Shafiu Ahmad Rufai, Head of Geology Department, Kano State College of Arts Sciences and Remedial Studies as Chairman and Mal. Bello Adamu Takai, Director Hydrogeology Department, Kano State Ministry of Water Resources and Rural Development as Secretary.

The Chapter has played and is still playing vital roles in the following areas :

  1. Membership drive from 20 members in 1988 to over 100 registered members till date.
  2. The Chapter organized a three day workshop on the Development and Management of Earth Resources for Harnessing Water, Agriculture, Mining/Construction Industries and Environmental Safety for the year 2004.
  3. The Chapter organized end of year party and award presentation in 2003 and 2008 respectively.
  4. The establishment of Geology Department in  (a) Kano University of Science and Technology Wudil by the then Vice Chancellor of the University and now Vice Chancellor ABU Zaria, Professor Ibrahim Garba, FNMGS in 2012.(b)The establishment of Geology Department in Bayero University Kano in 2014.(c)The establishment of Geology Department in Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso College of Arts Sciences and Remedial Studies, Tudunwada, Kano .
  5. The inauguration of Student’s Chapters (a)the Kano University of Sciences and Technology ( KUST) Wudil Students’ Chapter in 2015 .(b)the  Bayero University Kano Students’ Chapter in 2017.
  6. Former Chairman Dr. Muslim Idris, FNMGS won the NMGS/GEOEXPLORATION/Akin GEORGE AWARD for significant contribution in the field of earth sciences through persistent and consistent practice of the profession in any of the disciplines of geosciences in Africa at “BENIN 2014”.
  7. An organizational member of the Chapter, Tahir Water and General Enterprises, Kano won the NMGS PRESIDENT’S AWARD (Entrepreneurship Award) for best organization offering services to the Petroleum and Geological Industries at EKO 2015.
  8. Former chairman NMGS Kano Chapter Dr. Muslim Idris, FNMGS endowed NMGS /DR MUSLIM IDRIS Prize for the best paper presented on Hydrogeology and/or Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) during the annual NMGS International Conferences and Exhibitions. with a cash reward of fifty thousand naira (N50,000.00).
  9. Presently the Chapter is preparing to host 2018 NMGS Annual International Conferences and Exhibition tagged “ KANO 2018”.There is no doubt that the Kano Chapter will go a long and successful way.

Although several annual conferences had been held in Kaduna in the past, it was only in January, 1989 that the Kaduna Chapter was formally inaugurated.  Messrs A. D. Famuboni and P.O. Oluyide were the prime leaders of this movement.  When soon after, in 1990, the Chapter organizing the 26th annual conference, the organizational success of the proceedings left no one in doubt that the chapter has, indeed come to stay.

Lagos, traditionally the seat of the society’s fund raising and other major activities, had surprisingly functioned without a formal organization for many years.  This is in spite of the large concentration of members within the oil industry in particular, and other earth-science related organizations as well.  Additionally, the activities of NAPE, solely concentrated in Lagos, as well as SPE, which also draw their membership from NMGS, appear to have de-emphasized the need for a local NMGS Chapter.

The Lagos Chapter of the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society was restarted on January 5, 2009 after a long period of none activity by the then President of NMGS, Dr. (Mrs.) M. S. Sonuga FNMGS. The Lagos Chapter was officially inaugurated at Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) on May 14th, 2009. LAWMA was hosting the Lagos Chapter Office of NMGS under the leadership of Mr. Ola Oresanya until NMGS office was moved to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Formerly Office of the Special Adviser on Mineral Resources Development (OSAMRD) in January, 2011

The following well meaning professionals have been part of the success stories of Lagos Chapter of the NMGS :

Dr. Mrs. M.S Sonuga                    Chief Jim Orife                             Chief Chamberlain Oyibo

Mr. M.C Offurie                             Mr. Abiodun Baiyewu               Prof. Sola Dublin Green

Mr. Oladimeji Oresanya             Mr. Mbat Akpan                          Prof. Olaniyi Odebode

Mr. Baruwa-Etti W.A.O                 Dr. Akomeno Oteri                   Chief George Opara

Mr. Daniel Attah Aboh                   Chief Don Etiebet                     Dr. Steve Okolo

The electoral committee headed by Mr. Paul Osakwe from COMEG commenced electoral proceedings with. Baruwa-Etti, W.A.O. (OSAMRD)  emerging as Chairman  and Oyebade Olusola  (OSAMRD) as  Secretary for year 2010 – 2013. The 2nd set of executives of the Lagos chapter Daniel A. Aboh emerged as Chairman .and  Oyebade Olusola as Secretary were sworn in on 10 May 2013 by Dr. Mrs. M.S Sonuga for year 2013 till 2015.

Many technical meetings have been held and sponsored by Lawma of Lagos State government and many IOCs. The chapter also hosted the NMGS distinguished lecture programme and conferences in 2012 & 2015

This Chapter was commended for their unrelenting efforts in the successful handling of the Chapter activities and programmes by the NMGS Council thus birthing the success of Eko 2012 and 2015 NMGS conferences respectively. Lagos Chapter also won the best Chapter award in the 2012/2013 Council year.

This Chapter has hosted Six(6) NMGS International Conferences and Exhibitions four of the conferences were before the Chapter resuscitation in 1971,1980, 1988 & 2005 and the other two in 2012 & 2015.

This Chapter holds bimonthly technical sessions sponsored by indigenous and International Oil companies and parastatals. The chapter has held Fifteen (15) business/technical meetings and fourteen executive meetings since its resuscitation in 2009.


About forty members of the Society in the Maiduguri area held an inaugural meeting on August 2, 1990.  The Maiduguri Chapter is no more the youngest to date of the Local Chapters of the Society.


The Minna Chapter of the NMGS was inaugurated in 1991 with late Prof. M. I. Ogunbajo as the pioneer chairman. The chapter hosted the 47th edition of the annual NMGS International Conference with the theme: Repositioning the Extractive Industry in Optimizing Productivity for National Growth, which was rated as one of the most successful in recent times.

The chapter had worn the NMGS Best Chapter award in 2011. The present Exco were elected into office in June, 2017, with Dr A. N. Amadi as Chairman. The chapter has membership strength of about 100, drawn from FUT-Minna, RUWASAN-Agency, Federal and State ministry of water resources, Ministry of Mines and Steel development and other private organizations.

The chapter meets every last Thursday of the month, and recently introduced seminar series, a platform for updating and sharing of recent discoveries in the geosciences world

The Port Harcourt Chapter is one that before now, had left a record of a seeming lack of continuity. After hosting the 1964 conference, the Port Harcourt Chapter lapsed into dormancy for 21 years.

It woke up in 1985 after it had received a mandate to host the 1986 conference.  With C. O. Oyibo, FNMGS (current NMGS President) as chairman of the new reconstituted chapter, and Uka Nwangwu as LOC Chairman, there was never a doubt that the Chapter had finally survived, especially since the 1986 conference was very successful both in the general proceedings and, also particularly, in the fund raising which set a new pace for the later 1980s.  Unfortunately, not only did both Chairmen (chapter and LOC) leave Port Harcourt on transfers soon after, many other members were also similarly affected. The chapter, once again, went back to sleep.

Council sent a delegation in 1988 to investigate the circumstance leading to the inactivity of the Chapter.  This led to the formation of a steering committee which in the same year, succeeded in redirecting the chapter towards new goals.

By February of 1989, the Chapter was up again under a 5-member caretaker committee and was fully reactivated on March 1, 1989 with Professor E. A. Fayose, FNMGS, and a past President, as guest lecturer on the subject “The New Geologist”. Sponsored largely by Nigerian Agip Oil Company, the lecture turned out to be of DLP standard, with more than 100 participants.

At a meeting held on April 10, 1989, Mrs. Cheye Kambi-Selema was elected Chairman of the Chapter.  During the chapter’s general meetig of July 1989, the By-Laws for the Chapter were accepted. This was followed by a lecture titled “Reservoir delineation from vertical seismic profiles.  The lecture was sponsored by Schlumberger Nigeria Limited.

The 110th meeting of Council was held in Port Harcourt on August 19, 1989. At the time of the visit by Council, 3 members of the Chapter were serving as Commissioners in the Rivers State Cabinet.  Also during NMGS President (Mr. Oyigbo) to be featured on a personality programme on Radio Rivers “Spotlight” as well as the NTA “VOX POP” news.  The President’s radio engagement also appeared on the “Tide’s” energy page.  With unexpected ease, the NMGS Executive Council and representatives of the Port Harcourt, chapter had audience with the Governor of Rivers State.  The Chapter, since then, has continued to be active, thriving under the sponsorship of several organizations operating within the state.

Mobil sponsored a Chapter DLP on “Evaporite nature of growth of salt diapirs and their significance”.  The lecture was delivered on 21st Nigeria Limited, sponsored a lecture on “Computer application in the optimization of geologic evaluation and drilling control”.

The first issue of the Chapter’s Newsletter was produced late in 1989.  This is the second newsletter by an NMGS Chapter; the first was produced by the Jos Chapter much earlier.

The Warri Chapter was inaugurated in 1989 with 9 members. This was considered to be a remarkable achievement since most prospective members from Warri have strong NAPE and SPE leanings.  However, following the very successfully DLP lectures in 1989, many applications for membership were received and several activities were soon slated for 1990.  The Chapter has also arranged to hold its meetings in conjunction with the Benin Chapter as a measure of resuscitating the interest and involvement of members in the Benin area. The Petroleum Training Institute, Effurum, as institutional member, has pledged to print all future posters for NMGS conferences at no cost.  Mr. Egwu Nwanokwale has been, for many year, the zonal representative for Warri Chapter.